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Sandblasting- Surface Preparation

Created date: 03-04-2020

Sandblasting and Doing the Tough Jobs

If you need gear and equipment to handle cleaning up old metal parts, and surfaces or similar products that need scouring with abrasive materials, sandblasting is the way to go.


Various kinds of sandblasting installations will use specially formulated media to expose parts and pieces to external pressure, getting rid of old paint, rust and debris. The abrasive media that is used can provide a specific effect to “clean” or smooth uneven surfaces and enhance the items coming through the supply chain.


Mobile sandblasting equipment can be used to do this work in the field, for example, on site at a customer location. Larger or more permanent installations like sandblasting cabinets can provide internal support for long-term projects and bulk processing.


Various Kinds of Sandblasting Equipment


Some shops use sandblasting cabinets to process many pieces of equipment and many different jobs. Smaller installations can be used on the go or for less frequent sandblasting.


Companies can get either of these kinds of systems from top manufacturers like:


• Dustless Blaster
• Clear Blast
• Farrow 


These and other makers provide the sandblasting machines and equipment that industrial shops use to scour and clean auto parts, hardware fixtures, sheet metal and much more by blasting away imperfections and rough edges and the rest.


For example, some machine parts may come out of a forging or casting process with edging or other small bits that need to be removed and can be effectively removed with a sandblasting procedure.


Obviously, a lot of sandblasting is done on a rusted or worn surface that needs to be re-planed or reconfigured or cleaned, or otherwise processed for new and exciting uses.


One good example is in the automotive industry. You have a ton of old parts that still have good use potential, but need to be refurbished, and sandblasting is an excellent way to work toward this goal.


Then, in addition, there’s the idea of sandblasting wood.


Fewer people know that this is an option for refurbishing and restoring processes – but in some cases, sandblasting can be an effective way to replane and smooth old wooden cabinets or other pieces. Assessing the ability of the wood in question to stand up to pressure is important. Shops will also have to plan for the resulting dust and debris that is created during the process. But when there’s a need for a more efficient way to clean or restore old items, sandblasting can be a great solution.


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