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Mobile Wet Sandblasting Equipment

Created date: 07-17-2021



Blast Trader is an innovative platform for those looking to sell and buy different types of blasting and surface preparation equipment. Customers who wish to sell their equipment can post their advertisements on our website and those who wish to buy equipment can contact sellers. We sell all sorts of pressure washing equipment, including mobile equipment.


Surface Preparation Equipment

Surface preparation equipment is used to smooth a rough surface, roughen a smooth surface, shape a surface, or remove surface contaminants. During this process, a stream of abrasive material under high pressure is forcefully propelled against a surface that needs to be prepared. A pressurized fluid, typically compressed air, or a centrifugal wheel is used to propel the blasting material (often called the media).


Different Types of Blasting Techniques

The type of media used in the process is what differentiates the various blasting techniques. Shot blasting (with metal shot), sandblasting (with sand), and wet blasting (with water as the fluid) are the most abrasive. Glass bead blasting and plastic media blasting (PMB) are moderately abrasive variants. Soda-blasting (with baking soda) is a milder version.

                                                Interior of a Blast Cabinet

Mobile Wet Blasting Equipment

Wet blasting uses water and inert media such as crushed recycled glass to clean and strip surfaces. Water will replace air as the fluid that propagates the blast media. Water blasting can reduce the dust generated during abrasive blasting by over 90 percent; this is important when stripping or cleaning parts containing heavy metals and hazardous materials.


Mobile blast systems are either smaller portable versions or larger, fully equipped semi-tractor trailer types. There are hopper-fed types; this makes them light weight and more mobile. The portable blast systems have single or multiple blast pots that have pressurized tank-like containers filled with abrasive material. Mobile wet blasting equipment are fully equipped blast systems that are mounted on trailers, offering high mobility and easy transport from site to site.


Portable Wet Blasting Equipment


Wet blasting keeps parts cooler than dry blasting; this reduces warping or distortion of thin sections. If the dust generated during blasting is explosive, like aluminum or titanium dust, then wet blasting is advantageous because static discharges and ignition are suppressed.


In dry/sand blasting, the dust must be removed with an air blow gun or washing. Wet blasting combines washing and dedusting in the blasting step. Detergents can be added to the water to loosen deposits, dissolve oils or greases and accelerate the cleaning process. Rust inhibiting agents can be added to the water to prevent rusting of wet steel after the blasting process is complete.


Benefits of Wet Blasting


Mobile Wet Blasting Equipment


  • Water blasting consumes only 50 percent of the blast media dry blasting consumes. Wet blasting provides deep cleaning with less or no imbedding of abrasive media.
  • Wet blasting systems can employ closed-loop media can recyclers, oil separators, demisters, and filtration systems. Dust is converted to clean, disposable sludge waste.
  • Wet blasting also creates no heat at the point of impact; this eliminates part warping, static, and dry sparks. Wet blasting actually cools the substrate down at least 20 degrees below ambient temperature instead of heating it up like every other blasting method.
  • Wet blasting removes hard industrial coatings like powder coatings, epoxies, and undercoating seam sealers 15 times faster than any other blasting or chemical removal methods without damage to the substrate.


As a specialized platform that deals with various surface preparation equipment, Blast Trader has everything you need to grow your business in one place. Whether you are looking to get started with a mobile wet/sandblasting business or hang it up, Blast Trader is the answer you have been looking for. Visit our website to learn about our other products and do not hesitate to contact us.