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Sandblasting Nozzles

Created date: 11-07-2023

In the world of sandblasting, the nozzle is a critical component that significantly impacts the efficiency and effectiveness of the process. Sandblasting nozzles come in various types and sizes, each designed to suit specific ...

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Choosng the correct air compressor

Created date: 10-30-2023

Air Compressors


The air compressor is just as important as the blast pot. The minimum CFM requirements to operate most pots is 185 CFM and is a good ...

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Equipment Needed to Start a Mobile Sandblasting Business - Blast pots

Created date: 10-23-2023

Blast Pots


Your next decision is whether to buy new or used equipment. These options both have their obvious advantages and disadvantages but if you’re ...

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Starting a Mobile Sandblasting Business: A Practical Guide

Created date: 10-12-2023

Welcome to "Starting a Mobile Sandblasting Business: A Practical Guide." If you've ever been intrigued by the commercials featuring sandblasting and wondered if it could be a viable business opportunity, this book is here ...

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The Benefits of Dry Sandblasting: Why It Outshines Wet Sandblasting

Created date: 06-19-2023

Title: The Benefits of Dry Sandblasting: Why It Outshines Wet Sandblasting


When it comes to surface preparation and restoration, sandblasting has long been a trusted method for effectively removing ...

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Mobile Wet Sandblasting Equipment

Created date: 07-17-2021



Blast Trader is an innovative platform for those looking to ...

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What is Dry Ice Blasting?

Created date: 05-27-2020

Dry ice blasting

Perhaps you’re most familiar with the application of dry ice for food transport
–ensuring the delivery of your beloved dairy confection from a favorite local ...

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Pressure washing vs. soft washing

Created date: 05-05-2020

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Buying New or Used Sandblasting Equipment

Created date: 04-07-2020

At BlastTrader, we offer all sorts of sandblasting cabinets, portable machines, and similar equipment from a range of top manufacturers. So how should customers approach one of these kinds of sales?

Identify ...

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Sandblasting Essentials

Created date: 03-06-2020

Essential Items Needed in ...

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Sandblasting- Surface Preparation

Created date: 03-04-2020

Sandblasting and Doing the Tough Jobs